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The book's publisher, Harper Collins imprint William Morrow, denies that Mc Cormick will reveal an affair with Plumb.

"We have to assume it's not true and see what happens when the book comes out," People magazine assistant managing editor and Early Show contributor Jess Cagle told co-anchor Julie Chen.

“It’s such a drag because I loved her,” Mc Cormick told Fox News.

“I hope we can work it out.” It’s not the first time salacious details of behind-the-scenes sex have emerged in the years since the campy classic went off the air.

All the actors who played the Brady kids were slated to do an interview Wednesday on NBC’s “Today Show” — but when Mc Cormick and Plumb found out they were going to be on the same show, the reunion fell apart, sources told Radar in article posted this morning on their Web site.

Mc Cormick, who played the TV family’s oldest sister Marcia Brady, revealed in a tell-all book in 2007 how she had a steamy on-set sexual relationship with Plumb, who played her younger sister Jan.

The alleged lesbian affair wouldn't be the first Brady scandal.

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Williams wrote about going on a date with the much-older Henderson.A new book by Maureen Mc Cormick, who played Marsha on the "Brady Bunch," reportedly drops bombs about the classic sitcom, including a lesbian affair between Marsha and Jan.According to the New York Post, Mc Cormick is going to reveal that she had an affair with her TV sister, Jan, played by actress Eve Plumb in "Here's the Story." The book is scheduled to come out in 2008."As a teenager, I had no idea that few people are everything they present to the outside world," she writes."Yet there I was, hiding the reality of my life behind the unreal perfection of Marcia Brady. No one suspected the fear that gnawed at me."That battle brought on bouts of depression and substance abuse, which included cocaine binges and use of Quaaludes.Hence, the legend that Barry Williams, who played eldest son Greg Brady, dated Florence Henderson, who played his TV mother, Carol Brady. The truth ostensibly turns on what you define as a "date," but I think it simpler still to just give it an outright no.

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