Brooke and nathan dating


The daughter and only child of Robert ("Ted") and Victoria Davis, Brooke was among the original core five characters including herself, childhood best friend and occasional rival Peyton Sawyer, close friend Nathan Scott, on and off-again boyfriend Lucas Scott, and eventual best friend Haley James Scott.Originally portrayed as outgoing and promiscuous, she fell for Lucas early in season one and revealed herself to be a much less confident and insecure girl.We were that super awkward couple for the majority of freshman year and when I say awkward I mean I ran from him on Valentines Day because I was so nervous.He actually ruined by basketball career because we were both on the high school team and to my surprise the boys had to watch every game of ours, which meant I was either going to actually try hard and risk screwing up, or just act like I didn't care.Peyton Sawyer is her best friend since the age of eight; she is also friends with former roommates Haley James and Rachel Gatina, Haley's husband Nathan Scott, Mouth Mc Fadden, and former assistant Millicent Huxtable.Details: During their first two years of high school, Nathan, the basketball star, entered a romance with the lonely cheerleader, Peyton Sawyer.I'm pretty sure I spent more time looking at Tyler than the basketball.

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Eventually, Peyton had enough of Nathan and his behavior and ended their relationship.

Details: At a party at Nathan's beach house, Peyton and Nathan were involved in yet another argument.

Thankfully freshman year of high school rolled around and Tyler had made his way through all my friends and it looked like I was the only girl left he hadn't dated.

I had obviously had a crush on him for forever so naturally, I made the first move.

When he gave her that bracelet from a Cracker Jack box and said, “Don’t say I never gave you anything,” we’re pretty sure we died a little inside. UNFORTUNATELY, the people who brought Nathan & Haley to life on the small screen, James Lafferty & Bethany Joy Lenz, never gave real-life love a try.

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