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I am dating."Frankel, who is still going through divorce proceedings with ex Jason Hoppy more than two years since filing, previously dated Michael "Mac" Cerussi III, although she confirmed in March during an appearance on "I'm not attracted to someone who wanted to be on camera, and in fact, it's interesting, the people that I'm meeting and have been dating a good amount, everyone that I meet, that I like, no one has a Facebook profile, no one has Twitter, you can't even find anything about them on Google," she said on the episode, which aired last night.

Guy Carter is an award-winning graduate student of architecture. See full summary ยป When "town slut" turned sex columnist Cassie Cranston returns for her mother's funeral it spices things up in the small town of Beaver's Ridge when a group of eccentric town folk, each with their own motives, convince her to plan an orgy.

On October 31, 2010, Leadley announced a second channel, acousticbethan, in order to have a separate channel to host the majority of her covers.

Oct 22nd, 2011 released her first official album 'Unrequited Love' on i Tunes under Luke Is Not Sexy's record label, Lukas Records.

Bethan Mary Leadley (born December 15, 1995) is a singer and vlogger, she is popular for making videos on You Tube under the username musicalbethan.

Her You Tube channel currently has over 240,000 subscribers.

Is the rate of glacier recession around Antarctica accelerating?

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