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Pickups are the stock HFS and Vintage Bass with the standard 5-way rotary selector, volume and tone.

This ones finished in Scarlett Red with a pleasing flamed maple top, certainly not a 10 top but nice enough.

A lot of people incorrectly refer to Annapolis models as "pre-factory", the reason for which I haven't a clue.

One of only 83 Blonde ES-300s produced in 1948, most of which were only single pickup models. Rare Blonde Finish, Carved Spruce Top, Beautifully figured Maple Back and Sides, Large Rounded Neck Profile, and Gold Hardware. The pickguard has typical celluloid crystallization but is intact.

Dating this time period of Gibsons is a little difficult especially with the original canisters on the pots making pot dating unavailable.

All specs are consistent with a 1972-1974 production date.

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