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Like many things in Switzerland, Zurich — the country’s largest city with just shy of 400,000 residents — is small and meticulously efficient.

Perched on the northern tip of banana-shaped Zürisee (Lake Zurich) and trisected by two rivers and an ancient moat, the 2,000-year-old city has a reputation for being the stuffy home to secret Swiss bank accounts and the infamous gnome-like Swiss bankers who maintain them.

While it’s true that 70 banks continue to call Zurich home, Switzerland’s secret banking ended in 2009, after major international tax shelter reforms. For a city that consistently tops the Best Quality of Life and World’s Happiest Places lists, Zurich remains intentionally difficult to get to know.

If that weren’t enough to confuse you, Switzerland’s non-E. status and use of its own currency (Swiss francs) makes Zurich a bit of a financial and cultural bubble with a high minimum wage and premium cost of living to match.

Make no mistake, the travel clichés are here too: chocolate, cheese, luxury watches, clock towers, and punctual trains abound, but what travel magazines and guidebooks neglect to mention are Zurich’s baden — swimming areas that line the lakes, rivers and canals and remind us that Zurich is closer to Venice than Berlin both in distance and spirit.

Zurich has a blend of appeal for many different travelers.

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