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None of the dining-rooms were completed and the garden was still a muddy space (the 200-year-old vine and mature fig trees yet to be shipped in).

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Peyton is elated when she gets the band Jimmy Eat World to perform at TRIC in time for Jake's release from jail.Nathan goes to shoot a basketball hoop and slowly disappears as he reaches to score.Peyton watches as black paint pours over her art work, obviously imagined. At Tric, the crowds go wild for Jimmy Eat World performing tonight as a nervous Brooke prepares herself to introduce them.Brooke asks her if that is why she doesn't have her heart into and Peyton confirms it and adds there is something else. He tells them she pissed off his attorneys by constantly callng them.Back in class, the groupe is given an essay for their finals, based on a quote written about love. As Lucas sets off to write it, he looks over at Haley's empty desk and Brooke confirms that it looks like Haley isn't coming back after all.MASTERS OF MODERN COOKERY; 4: MARCO PIERRE WHITE; A monthly series in which the country's leading cooks share their expertise and inspirations.

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