Serial dating definition

While this joke elicits a smile even among the most committed of men, the truth is that finding the right woman is only one part of the equation.Timing is equally important, and without it love everlasting is just not in the cards.

We can have a good date, but if we didn’t sweep them off their feet like Ryan Gosling in , it’s just not good enough.

Have you ever dated a woman whose attitude suddenly changes for the worse?

Or been with a guy who starts to play games out of nowhere?

Or maybe the person you’re seeing abruptly turns into a rude, mysterious person with no explanation. As a guy, I’ve often seen these abrupt changes happen with one type of woman more than any other.

Namely, “The Serial Dater.” In my opinion, serial daters are some of the most dangerous women online.

Many of these women will often waste the best years of their lives looking for something that just doesn’t exist, instead of taking the time to actually get to know people that could be a great match!

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