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It's taken nearly two years to run the next installment, but I think you'll agree it's been well … I have numerous complaints about his "mere Protestant Christianity" project.(1) Vanhoozer regularly says that the Church is a product of the Word, by which in context he evidently means the Scripture. The Church is produced by the Word, certainly, in the sense that the Logos Incarnate converted the apostles, …

This very viscerally conveys how technology extends our thought, our reach, our vision, helps us transcend our boundaries. We’re all interested in transcending our boundaries.

It’s the one thing mankind has always done from the moment we left the caves and then civilizations and then going to the moon.

Exoskeletons -- people don't like this word, but we already have them. The more biologically inspired exoskeletons are helping people that can't walk, walk again.

I saw a demonstration of two people in a wheelchair using these exoskeletons to stand up.

[Read More...]Planned Parenthood committed a Freudian slip, with an assist from Joss Whedon, by inviting supporters to become like one of his violent film characters. [Read More...]Today is something called "National Reason Day," on the atheist calendar.

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