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The very famous free hand pipes (wrongly known as “shape by hand” pipes) like the Savinelli Autograph, VIP, Artisan, Sigla and Briar Line.These pipes are created according to the characteristics of the raw material: the briar, and as a consequence their shapes are affected by the necessity and the creativeness. This quality means many things which are hard to explain.It means working only and exclusively the best briar, that is: extra-extra.A good option would be to play it safe with one of these fine packs of cigars that we are proud to stock.Being of a smaller size than the quintessential cigar, these smokes are ideal for those who not only want to refine their tastes but also for newcomers who are after affordability yet value for money. The cigar industry has been controlled by the Cuban government since the country became nationalised in 1960.Choosing only shops of the highest professional reputation, once the briar has been transformed into a pipe. So today the "imagine Castello" has been created as a perfect reflection of what Carlo Scotti set out to do 50 years ago, and that is what Castello pipes are really all about.

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The most common form of these is the tobacco pipe, which is designed for use with tobacco, although the device itself may be used with many other substances.

The most important thing that you should know is that all our pipes are rigorously hand crafted: it is not possible to industrially produce pipes, at least not our pipes which are followed piece by piece like they are jewels The Savinelli pipes are produced in a large number of series, which differs for the quality, the grain of the briar and the finish.

Every series is available in many shapes all showed in the "Shape Chart".

Antoine is the Director of Chapuis-Comoy, which makes the pipe brands; Comoy, Chacom, Ropp, Jeantet, Vuillard, Graco, and others.

There is a long history dating back to 1825 when the Comoy company was formed, and then in 1865, pioneered the use of briar for making pipes.

Knowing how to work at the right moment, not before or after.

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