Updating imac 3


Other i OS 8.3 changes include wireless Car Play, letting users connect their i Phones to their Car Play systems sans Lightning cable, support for Google two-factor authentication that makes it possible to add Google accounts without the need for app specific passwords, and Apple Pay support for the China Union Pay network.

The latest update for the 6-month-old mobile operating system also features added functionality for Siri, allowing it to access payment apps to pay and check the status of bills.

"We think it is going to be profound," he said, noting that 500 banks and many large retailers now support Apple Pay.

Cook said that Watch Kit, the company's Apple Watch API, will be available to developers next month.

The announcements follow the company's launch last month of the i Phone 6, i Phone 6 Plus, and i OS 8, and its preview of next year's Apple Watch.

i OS 8.1, available to users of recent vintage i OS devices as a free download, enables Apple Pay, Apple's new online payment system.

Apple today released i OS 8.3, the third major update to i OS 8.

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