Who is jeff brazier dating 2016

Jeff Brazier has revealed he would love to welcome a baby sister for his sons Bobby and Freddy.The television presenter, who has raised the boys since their mum Jade Goody lost her battle with cancer in 2009, said he has already talked about starting a family with his girlfriend Kate Dwyer.She hasn't been active on any of her online accounts since April 18, the same day Met police released an image of her 25-year-old boyfriend.Despite his name and photo being splashed everywhere it took five days for him to be captured.Now 12 and 11, dad Jeff shared new pictures of the boys as they remembered their late mum on Mothers’ Day earlier this month.Jeff, 36, captioned two snaps from the outing, one showing a bunch of flowers at Jade’s grave and another showing the boys on a pebble beach.

Jeff Brazier marked the seventh anniversary of Jade Goody‘s death by sharing a moving message about their sons, Freddie and Bobby.

"Yeah I think it's something that we would want to do," Jeff told HELLO! "I've always said I'd like to experience having a little girl because I've definitely experienced having little boys." The 36-year-old also revealed that he already has a name in mind for his daughter if and when the time comes.

Jeff Brazier said he would be "privileged" to have a child with his girlfriend Kate "A little girl called Isabella – the name's there.

"I feel really grateful to have met her at the time in my life that I did, because I think that's when I was probably more ready than I've ever been to have a great relationship with somebody." Jeff said he is a "proud dad" of his sons Bobby and Freddy Kate has also formed a strong bond with Jeff's sons Bobby, 12, and Freddy, ten.

The doting dad couldn't be more proud of his children, and revealed that Bobby in particular is taking after his mum.

'Another reason why I'm so excited is firstly I've found a woman that I would be absolutely privileged to raise a child with, but also I think the boys would be the most incredible older brothers and I would really love them to experience that before they get too miserable in their teenage years.' Baby on the way: When asked about the prospect of more children, he said: 'Yeah I think it's something that we would want to do.

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