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Prior to the entry of the nationwide preliminary injunction, the new rule was scheduled to take effect on Dec.1, 2016, and expected to expand overtime coverage to roughly 5 million employees.Several institutions raising salaries have already been in contact to say they are not changing their plans. It would be interesting for NIH to reverse its policy now after so vocally championing raised salaries for postdocs (for example, in the post “Fair Pay for Postdocs: Why We Support New Federal Overtime Rules”There are certain postdocs who will definitely not see a deviation from the current plan going into effect on 12/1.Institutions such as Stanford, the Whitehead Institute, WHOI, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Dana Farber Cancer Institute and some departments at MIT already had salaries or planned to implement salaries exceeding the FLSA threshold.Police officials said they are also considering extending the geographical reach of the injunctions because gang members have shifted criminal activity to new areas and newer members have risen in prominence since the injunctions were obtained in 2001.Police officials emphasized Monday that they are just at the start of the process, which could take several months to a year.ESCONDIDO —— The injunctions that have clamped down on the activities of alleged gang members in two Escondido neighborhoods over the last four years need updating, police officials say.Escondido police said Monday they are considering adding more individuals to the injunctions, which currently list 42 alleged members of the Diablos and Westside gangs and restrict their conduct and appearance in what is considered the heart of each gang's territory.

In these, circumstances, a party preferring to conduct its litigation in England would need to determine whether it might be possible and effective to obtain an anti-suit injunction to restrain the other party from conducting its proceeding in another jurisdiction."It's a pretty exacting process, because the injunction does limit individual freedoms," said Chief Duane White in an interview."We have to show justification and extensive documentation.We will update our resource with plans at institutions, but we tentatively predict that the situation at many places will be similar to the current situation: most institutions will be at or follow the NIH NRSA stipend minimum, but if individual PIs pay postdocs less, that will be a matter for individual institutions (or departments?) to deal with, and will no longer be a violation of federal labor law.Likewise, it remains to be seen if the preliminary injunction will survive an appeal by the DOL to the U. Employers that have been engaged in efforts to ensure compliance with the new rule by the Dec.

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